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Whilst the church is closed our Prayer Goup continues its work, but with everyone in their own home. So that you have some background to how we operate, we have left the rest of this page "as is", but reassure everyone that no-one is putting themselves at risk.

The Prayer Group is quiet, relaxed and meditative using different approaches and themes to help us come closer to God, enabling us to pray in different ways. We use passages of scripture, meditative readings, music, and objects to help us focus in preparation for prayer.

Praying hands - Durer

We meet once a month on the Third Sunday at 11.00 am in the Memorial Chapel, praying for the needs of individuals, our church, our community, our country, and world issues.

We always pray for the people mentioned in the weekly All Saints notice sheet; and we also pray, if requested to do so, for specific situations.

All such requests remain confidential, and are not carried outside the group.

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