Sermons All Saints

Over the years we have published in our magazine quite a few sermons preached at All Saints on various occasions.

Below is a list of some of them with links to the actual text.

1 Sept 2019Rev Canon Jo Loveridge Hospitality - Luke 14.1,7-14
23 June 2019Mr Geoff OatesThe Gaderene Swine - Luke 8.26–39
26 May 2019Mr Geoff OatesOn Doubt - Matt 28.17
22 July 2018Mr Geoff OatesMary Magdalene - John 20
29 Oct 2017Mr Geoff OatesUnread Best Seller - Bible Sunday 2017
25 June 2017Rev Nick SharpTo welcome or invite? - Matthew 10:24-39
24 Jan 2016Mr Geoff OatesWays to God - Week of prayer for Chrstian Unity
22 Mar 2015Mr Geoff OatesWere YOU there? - Passion Sunday
11 May 2014Mr Geoff OatesI am the gate - Good Shepherd Sunday
27 May 2012Very Rev Dr Jeffrey JohnTeam Service for Pentecost - Acts 2.1-21
23 Jan 2011Mr Geoff OatesAgree amongst yourselves - 1 Cor 1.10
16 Jan 2011Bishop Alan SmithLiving God's Love - John 1. 29-42

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